New Year… Same Me?

Just so you have a visual, I am currently using a scarf as a blanket because it is so bloody cold in Calgary right now, I don’t think I have been truly warm for coming up on a week now.  We are talking -31 with wind chill, snow and ice everywhere, 2 hour commutes home and cars that don’t want to start – it’s that soul sucking cold that makes you want to crawl into bed with a heating blanket and just sleep until spring.  I’m telling you, those hibernating animals are onto something.

Anyway, I digress, the whole point of today’s post is to set up some goals and intentions for this week, month and year.  I decided a long time ago that resolutions at New Years were a solid thought, but kind of a futile exercise for me – I will admit, I hardly ever keep them and really just feel like it’s setting myself up for failure.  It’s always the same anyway – eat better, exercise more and consistently, drink less, be a better person, smile more, be an adult with your money… guess which one of these is hardest to keep?  So instead, this year, my “resolution” is to just be more goal orientated – short term, long term, and some in between.  I’ve set up a few things for myself to hopefully put me in a better place to get a lot accomplished this month, so here’s hoping (especially since it’s already almost half over…).

First thing’s first – as always, fitness and nutrition are making their appearance as the staring role, however this year it’s different.  This year, it’s not about specifically wanting to lose weight or fit a certain standard of appearance, it’s about wanting to feel better, be stronger, be healthier in general – that means a balance in all things.  The weight loss should come as a side affect of that, but it’s not my primary goal.  This year, my long term goal is simply to be a stronger, healthier and happier version of me – not just physically, but mentally as well.  Food and I have been in a life long love/hate relationship that often consumes my every waking minute.  Listen, I LOVE food, I love eating, I love the culture of it, I love eating out at a restaurant with my man, with a nice glass of wine.  I love going to a pub for wings & a few pints with friends, and I LOVE ordering a pizza and curling up on the couch and watching a Hockey game or a movie. I love cooking big meals for friends, I love having good left overs for lunch the next day at work.  Getting the point?  And here is the thing – that is ok.  What 2017 is about for me is being ok with that, and putting a balance in that allows me to also be happy with myself the next morning.  As for the working out, I’m going to focus on my love of that process too, because I also love walking into the gym, preworkout surging through me, settling into my routine and the feeling of accomplishment that follows.  I love being sore the next day, I love seeing the progress, and most of all, I love the confidence that it all creates.  See what I did there?  That’s a balance.

This year, I am also going to be nicer – to myself mostly, I try to be a good person to others, but I’m sure I could work on that too.  I’m going to be a better Mom, a better wifey, a better friend, a better daughter and sister, a better listener, a better communicator.  I have friends that I haven’t talked to in ages, I’m going to do better at letting them know I miss them, that I think about them, that time and space don’t put a dent in our history.  I’m going to remind people I’m freakin hilarious, and if you don’t hear from me for a bit, you can still say hi… I’m always here, even when I get caught up in my own world and let days, weeks or months pass after forgetting to respond to that text.  It’s a good time to admit something too – I don’t know what you would call it, maybe a bit of anxiety mixed with depression and lack of self confidence, but I have to tell you, sometimes I worry that when I don’t hear from someone for awhile, it’s because I have done something to offend them or upset them.  A huge fear of mine is that someone out there that I love is mad at me and I don’t know it, or don’t know why.  I am a lot of things – loud, abrasive, opinionated and trusting a to a fault, sometimes I know I rub people the wrong way, but I like to think the ones that know me know that it’s never intentional.  I get into funks where I kinda just look at my Facebook feed and go “look at them living life and not needing me in it”.  TRUST ME, I know that’s not the case, I know that’s in my head, but it’s out there now.  Imma work on it this year, aight?

Short term goals now!  This one I am super excited about too, over December, after returning from Mexico and browsing through all them bathing suit pictures, I kinda realised, at what point do I stop complaining about the way I think I look (real or imagined) and ACTUALLY make some real, lasting changes.  As if they heard my thoughts, Magnum Nutraceuticals, the Canadian supplements company I strongly support and use, put out a 60 Day Challenge on Instagram.  Completely free,  participants would receive a full 60 day plan – not just workouts, a full nutrition, supplement and workout guide.  Just the kick in the ass I needed, so I promptly signed up.  The guide that was sent is great, nothing unrealistic for the average person, easy to follow and understand, and it even includes videos from the awesome team at Magnum to demo exercises you might not understand.  The workout plan is based on a 3 day split for weights – upper body, lower body and full body, abs with each, and 2 days of LISS initially, moving into HIIT a few weeks in.  There are two days of active recovery built in as well, which is great.   The supplement guide is suggestion based – none of it is required, but there is detail on each one they suggest and why, plus how to take it.  Being a Magnum supplement lover already (I plan on doing a blog post on supplements later – having IBD and taking stuff is a tough little game of trial and error), many of the suggestions are already in my stack… the H1-5 BCAA’s & Quattro protein are a staple in my house, and while we bounce around with several different pre-workouts, the stimulant free Opus is one of my favs.  Thanks to a sale at my favorite Supplement store right after Christmas, I was able to affordably round out the suggested stack by adding their CLA, Acid, and a vitamin pack called Primer, which I was excited to try.  The best part of this plan though?  The nutrition plan… it’s MACRO BASED.  I will discuss my experiences with Macros separately, because that is a whole other subject I will go on about, but the bottom line here is while there is a bit of a learning curve, Macros = setting me up for that balance thing I was speaking of.  No boiled chicken, brown rice and broccoli for this girl – I just had what I have dubbed “second breakfast” that included egg whites and turkey bacon, smothered in sriracha, so I’m a happy girl.  The #MAGNUMCHALLENGE formally started this past Monday, January 9th – the only other requirement to be eligible for the prize ($650 prize pack from Magnum for top male and female changes) is to send in “before” pictures.  So, my goal this week is to crush this first week, and so far so good – macros are on point each day, workouts are getting done (and let me tell you, I under estimated these, but i will go into that more in a later post) and I’m actually remembering to take all my supplements in the stack!   Medium term goal is to complete this challenge and remain dedicated to it – so far, I feel like that is going to be pretty easy to accomplish!  I am still working up the nerve, but I am pretty sure I will post the before and after shots for you all too… a little extra motivation for me to bust my booty.

A few other short term goals for this month?  I would like to blog a heck of a lot more… I have a bunch of topics I want to discuss, including the rest of my story, medication experiences, some complications that are on my horizon and my personal fav thing to discuss – TATTOOS.

One final note, for those keeping score at home, the Gut Check Charity Spin & Yin is kicking butt!  I only have 5 seats left and some amazing prize donations coming in, I am so excited for the big day.  I am going to take lots of pictures and video and will be sure to post on the end result to share with anyone that can’t make it.  Don’t forget, you don’t have to be in Calgary to participate – you can become an honorary rider by donating directly to the CCC through my personal page.

Happy hump day beautiful people… let me end today with the recipe for these delightful egg cups I had for second breakfast.  ENJOY!

Turkey Bacon & Egg Muffins

makes 12 egg cups – 6 servings (2 cups per) *when using a standard muffin tin

Preheat your oven to 375

line your muffin tins w/ muffin cups if you want to prevent sticking

  • 6 whole eggs
  • 1 container of egg whites (I use the Kirkland ones from Costco)
  • 1/2 package or 12 strips of turkey style bacon, diced into small pieces
  • 1/2 a large white or yellow onion, diced
  • Franks hot sauce – optional & to taste
  1. use a bit of coconut oil to fry up your onions and turkey bacon, until the bacon has some crisp to it and the onions are browned
  2. in a large bowl, whisk your eggs and egg whites together *if you are adding hot sauce, add it here
  3. once bacon & onions are cooked, spoon evenly into each of the muffin tins
  4. divide your egg mixture between each, I find it helps to tap the pan down a bit, let the eggs settle in with all the bacon & onions, then top each up – fill right to the top
  5. bake for 20 – 30 minutes on the middle rack until they are set – have risen a bit in the middle and there is no more liquid
  6. Pop out and cool on a rack
  7. keep in your fridge or freeze them in baggies

I keep mine in the freezer, pop out two the night before, stick in the fridge, then in the morning before I head to work I peek off the wrappers, sprinkle in a bit of cheese and a LOT of sriracha, then heat up at work and eat.