I’m just a 30 something female, born and bred in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2010, started Remicade in 2011.  A wannabe gym rat looking to find some motivation to keep on picking up heavy things and putting them down.  I’m a lover of food and cooking who is looking to share some ideas for meals, food prep, the struggles of balance, weight gain and body image vs my love of pizza and beer.  I am a collector/lover of tattoos, I’ve got some awesome, some ok and some bad ones and am always looking for more, have been getting tattooed on Remicade for nearly 6 years, would be happy to chat about that too!  Horror movies, music of all kinds, a good campfire or just sitting down to a good book –  lets talk about the things that get us up in the morning.

I am a CCC Volunteer who whole heartily believes in the “Make it Stop. For Life” campaign and helping newly diagnosed folks feel a little less alone.  Determined to change the culture that comes with having a chronic illness – we don’t have to let it become us.

Here is my disclaimer -obviously, I am not a doctor or medical professional – any medications, treatments, supplements and other topics related to are strictly based on my experience, googling skills and by talking to other people.  This blog is laced heavily with my opinions, and I do have some strong ones, but I won’t past facts I haven’t verified.  Always open to another point of view.